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by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Fine Art Curator Mira Sianipar on Balance, Comfort & Confidence

Photography by @keilo_photography

It’s a fact that Mira Sianipar wears a lot of hats. Don’t believe us? Swipe through her Instagram and you’ll see an array of fashionable #OOTDS, along with her signature black hat.

And that’s not all—the stylish Singaporean is always seen supporting homegrown designers and labels (we spot The Fashion Pulpit founder Raye Padit and fashion designer Yong De Han on her feed).

Here, we get to know the multi-hyphenate millennial just a little bit more as she talks about her creative process, earthing and her beauty routine.

What are some career highlights for you so far?

Looking back, there are definitely a lot of highlights, like doing the first-ever Fashion x Fine Art exhibition for an art fair with Art Stage and the Fashion x Tech showcase for the opening of SWITCH (Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology). 

What does your creative process look like?

Honestly, there’s no specific process. Usually, it sparks from conversations I had, things I read and watched. Then I ponder things and discuss them with my team. Every day is a discovery and it also shows how little we know so keep your minds open!

What is your style philosophy?

Balance, comfort and to wear it with confidence. It has to be comfortable for me!

What’s your go-to look for the day ahead? Do you plan your outfits ahead or pick randomly?

My go-to look would be palazzo pants, hat, turtleneck and outerwear. I am very intuitive, it depends on my mood and energy on that day.

For events, I usually have a look conjured up in my mind, either from my wardrobe or custom-made, usually from local designers. 

Photography by @keilo_photography

What’s your approach when it comes to beauty and wellness?

When it comes to beauty, less is more—especially for foundation and concealer. It all starts from the inside, which is why I try to eat well, have juice in the morning, workout, take walks in nature, do earthing, meditate and hydrate. Water is not only good for your skin but your brain too. I get dehydrated easily, probably due to drinking coffee, so I always carry a bottle of water with me almost everywhere I go. And working out does wonders for your skin too!

How has your family or culture influenced your understanding of wellness?

My elder brother is really into wellness. He will make juices for the whole family daily. And we share knowledge about what we read and see. For example, anything on wellness and well-being, meditation and earthing.

What’s a typical beauty routine for you?

My skincare routine is basically just facial wash, a scrub on alternate days and depending on how my skin is on that day, toner, coconut oil as moisturiser and sunscreen in the daytime.

For makeup, I prefer to stick to what suits me best for my base, but I’m flexible when it comes to eye, lip and cheek products!

What is your signature beauty look? Can you share some tips that have really changed the way you do makeup?

My signature beauty look would be more of a contoured look with smoky eyes and nude lips. I’ll do a red lip for events.

I’m not a makeup expert, but I find that it’s worth checking out if your skincare is compatible with your makeup base. The texture and formula of your moisturiser can really mess with how your makeup looks!.

Another word of advice: we’re all beautiful, so don’t hide behind your makeup but use it to bring out your best features!

Most of us feel most confident when our skin is healthy. What else helps you feel your best?

Peace of mind, working out, my morning routines, working towards my purpose and one of the most important things that sometimes many might hide behind walls: self-love.

Photography by Nadiah at Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore

Can you share on what projects you are working on right now?

I’m currently working on launching my Fashion & Fine Art Curation business very soon. In other news, I’m also producing a virtual fashion showcase for an event in early 2022 and a TV series with Indonesia’s TV network RCTI slated for late next year.

What would you like to have accomplished in the next five years?

To be able to call whoever I want whenever I want for whatever I want (laughs).

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