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by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

6 Eye Makeup Looks to Wear With Your Mask

Image via @xoxotsumi

Gone are the days when you can just slick on some lipstick and head out the door; with a mask covering your lower half of the face, the eyes are the most visible part of your face now, so shift your focus upwards and make the eyes pop. Bring out your eyeshadow palettes, eyeliner and mascara — it’s time to get experimental.

Here, find six of our favourite eye looks to wow (even with half your face covered).

The Classic

Image via @jessyluxe

You can never go wrong with the classic combination of liner and lashes; they just add oomph to an otherwise natural look. Keep it simple and line your waterline with short strokes, before extending out and following the natural line of the lower lash line to wing it out. Curl your lashes, apply some mascara and you’re good to go.

Graphic Liner

Image via @rowisingh

Bored of your typical winged liner? Graphic liner is another way to go. Why stick to one line, when you could do one that floats above your crease, and in a neon yellow shade?

If you’re not sure you can pull off such a bold look, start out with swapping out your black eyeliner with a coloured one (we love a bright pop of colour!) or try out the graphic look of your choice with a simple black or white eyeliner.

Smokey Eye

Image via @__rodee

Another classic: the good, old smokey eye. The key to a good smokey eye is to use neutral, taupe shades and go in with a light hand.

Prep your eyes and then blend a medium-brown taupe shade just a hint deeper than your skin tone into the crease with a fluffy blending brush. Then, take a smaller blending brush and blend a warmer brown shade into the crease to create dimension. Lightly smoke out the outer third of the lid with a deep taupe brown and then blend the second shade onto the lower lash line. Add some mascara and you’re ready to dazzle.

Full-On Blue

Image via @storyofmailife

This look is a real show-stopper and the best part is? You can mix up the colours depending on what you feel like. A wash of colour works with any shade, but blue looks amazing on all skin tones.

Start by applying the darkest shade onto the outer corners and creases of your eyes. Next, layer a lighter, shimmery blue onto the centre of your lids. To amp up the smokiness of the look, smudge an eyeliner along your upper and lower lash lines. 

Dewy Eyes

Image via @jessicazwu

Dewy skin has taken over the beauty scene in the past couple of years, so why not play up the glass-skin effect on your lids with this eye creation?

If you’re going for a more neutral, work-friendly look, opt for taupe shades. Otherwise, go all out and swap them out for rich shades like fuchsia, lime green or canary yellow, for more of a jelly-like effect.

Once you’re done applying a rich wash of eyeshadow, slick the gloss of your choice all over your lids. Always start in the centre of the lid and work your way around the lid, because it will move around throughout the day. To smooth out any creases, run your ring finger across the lid.

Finish off with a waterproof mascara — to keep the pigment on your lashes from bleeding into the gloss.

Sunset Eyes

Image via @sabletoothtigre

Another surprisingly easy look to achieve, this one only requires two colours: a red and a shimmering purple. Simply blend the red shade all over your eyelid, and take the purple into the outer corners and slightly wing it out with a finer brush. Throw on some mascara and you’ll be ready to head out in under 5 minutes.