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by Alexandra Nicole Nuralam

Olivia Eleazar Talks Tattoos, Anonymity and Skincare Advice

If you’ve ever scrolled through Olivia Eleazar‘s Instagram feed, you’ll realise that there are no selfies to be found. Looking for her face is rather like a game of Where’s Wally, which definitely piqued our interest. The multi-disciplinary creative is a stylist, photographer and founder of alternative jewellery brand Ask & Embla, which she runs together with her fiancé, Ryan. It probably explains why her Instagram feed is so aesthetically pleasing (even with the lack of self-portraits!).

“I’ve always been a creative chameleon at heart, always straddling between multiple creative endeavours and disciplines. Prior to running my business full time, I worked at Google as a User Interface designer and was a Brand Identity designer at a boutique agency beforehand,” she tells BEAUBIT. “Creativity in general—and all things related to it—is my calling. I just love anything creative and thrive in design exploration.”

Ahead, we catch up with Olivia as she reveals the reason behind the lack of selfies on her feed, her favourite tattoos and how her perception of beauty changed throughout the years.

Your Instagram feed is so inspiring! It’s also quite mysterious—you don’t really show your face. Why is that?

Thank you! It energises me every time to hear that the photography I put out on Instagram is enjoyed. I never show myself truly because I’m simply self-conscious to a crippling degree. Growing up, I deeply despised how I looked in pictures, and along the way, I just directly associated picture taking with moments of feeling insecure about my appearance. I guess I started making subconscious decisions to avoid having my face seen in photos as much as I could.

This great escape of being in front of the lens eventually created anonymity, which eventually became my self-portrait style.

We love your tattoos! Which ones are your favourite and what can you share about them?

I love art on skin, and I personally use this as a form of marking milestones or commemorating eras in life. I get 1 tattoo per year on average but my absolute favourite has to be the peony bloom on my right ribcage, which I had done when I was 21. It was during my first solo travel trip to London for work, which turned out to be the catalyst of my self-love and self-discovery journey in life. I’ll forever remember this trip to be the beginning of my appreciation of life-to-come and that tattoo was the perfect hallmark to honour it.

Where are you seeking inspiration these days?

My antennas are tuning into different areas for inspiration these days, honestly. It used to be very Instagram-driven but I find myself tapping into the TikTok-sphere of late simply because the creators on TikTok are so fearless and daring of breaking conventional norms with spontaneity and informality. I find that courage and unstaged energy so inspiring and it challenges me to consider more unfiltered creativity.

How has your perception of beauty changed through the years?

This is going to sound so cliché, but I guess this is a very common realisation for people growing up—I’ve started to see beauty beyond the looks and visual sense. Beauty is so subjective to the time periods and trend-driven in context anyway. For example, we’ve witnessed how ‘desirable female body types’ have evolved through the epochs. But in this present day? My yardstick for beauty is now a sixth sense, traversing beyond looks. Does it feel beautiful? Vibrate at a high frequency? Evoke emotions? That is all beauty too. I’ve discovered that my feelers for beauty go beyond visual concepts.

How did you develop a skincare routine that works for your skin?

I sample lots of skincare products through my work and keep an open heart to welcoming new brands and products into my skincare arsenal that might work best for me. This means that I constantly add and remove products to form the perfect routine for my skin. I’ve developed my routine through tight observance of how my skin responds to products, and through education on ingredients that go into skincare. Skin ages and so does its commensurate needs, period! I perfect my routine by staying tuned in to what my skin needs at different times, and assigning the right products that I know will create certain responses.

What’s your one ride or die product?

Oh no, I can’t choose just one, can I list a few (laughs)? My loyal lieutenants are ARgENTUM Apothecary’s La Potion Infinie day and night cream and La Lune de Velours oil milk cleanser; Porcelain Skin’s HA+ hydrating Serum; Allies of Skin’s retinal overnight mask and hydrating cleanser; and Kiehl’s vitamin C eye serum.

What is your favourite beauty activity to treat yourself?

I really love a good facial!

What’s the best skincare advice you have?

“I think the best advice I have for skincare is to listen to you and your skin more than you listen to product descriptions, claims or sometimes reviews.”

Skin is a living, breathing organ and everyone’s skin is different; there is never a one-size-fits-all solution and or routine. You have to tailor this to yourself.

Olivia’s Beauty Picks

ARgENTUM Apothecary La Potion Infinie Restorative Day & Night Cream, SGD274
ARgENTUM Apothecary La Lune de Velours Nourishing Oil Milk Cleanser, SGD176.50
Porcelain Skin HA+ hydrating Serum, SGD198
Allies of Skin Retinal and Peptides Repair Overnight Mask, SGD189
Allies of Skin Molecular Silk Amino Hydrating Cleanser, SGD62
Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing & Dark Circle-Diminishing Vitamin C Eye Serum, SGD75
Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, SGD94
West Third Brand Hearts + Flowers, USD125

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