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Aurelie Pure Silk Pillowcase

SGD $89.00

/ Standard Pillowcase Size (48cm X 74cm)

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White Trousseau’s Aurelie Pure Silk Pillowcase is the ultimate beauty secret to looking your best every day.

With its astonishing natural anti-absorbent properties, sleeping on our pure mulberry silk pillowcases will have wonderful benefits on both your skin and face.  Pillowcases should be more than just the material between your skin and the pillow. Experience a luxurious good night’s sleep with this 6A grade, 22 momme 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase that is gentle on your delicate skin and hair. 22 momme is more durable, smoother, shinier than our 19 momme mulberry silk pillowcases.

Experience age-defying benefits, lesser sleep creases, and smoother hair.

SOFT & SMOOTH – Prevents unnecessary friction between traditional cotton pillowcases and your hair cuticles & skin, causing less damage to skin & hair.

BREATHABLE – Keeps you cool all night.

LESS ABSORBENT – Natural anti-absorbent qualities reduce moisture loss from your hair & skin and keep your expensive skincare where it should be.

SILKY HAIR – Wake up with a good hair day, every day.

HYPOALLERGENIC – Recommended for sensitive skin by dermatologists.

OEKO-TEX® CERTIFIED – Sustainably & ethically made goods. Organic. Chemical-free & non-toxic dyes.

NATURAL – 0% Synthetic fibers.

DURABLE – Last you for at least two years.

ANTI-AGING – Prevent wrinkles & fine lines.

OEKO-TEX® Certified 22 momme 100% Organic Mulberry Silk Pillowcase.





Silk is made up of protein and has 18 beneficial amino acids serving
great purposes to your skin with 42% of Glycine! They improve the
visible signs of aging, improve moisture retention, increase collagen
production, and promote skin repair and regeneration!
Now imagine that on your hair!

Usage Tips

For best results, pair it with our matching Aurelie Pure Silk Sleep Eye Mask!

Wash your silk with care will help the longevity of your silk’s life. Hand wash only with mild detergent or shampoo.

Do not wring, gently press off the water and hang dry (away from sunlight)!

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