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Red Gift Package

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/ 2 x 100g

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SALTRAIN’s Red Gift Package contains 2 packs of strengthened refreshing SALTRAIN Fluoride Toothpaste and 2 SALTRAIN Toothbrush. Experience a strong and ever-lasting freshness in your oral cavity, keeping your mouth clean for longer.  Saltrain Fluoride Toothpaste has a stronger mint flavor and effective cavity protection.

SALTRAIN Toothbrush has ultrafine bristles made with 99.9% silver anti-bacterial filament, which provides long-lasting oral freshness while catering towards anyone with gum sensitivity.

Contains 1 Fluoride Toothpaste | 1 Red-Blue Toothbrush | 1 White-Red Toothbrush

Flouride Toothpaste

Active ingredients: sodium monofluorophosphate, precipitated calcium carbonate, calcium hydrogen phosphate hydrate, aminocaproic acid, allantoin chlorohydroxyaluminum)
Other additives: D-sorbitol liquid, concentrated glycerin, polyethylene glycol 1500, Xanthan gum, sodium cocoyl glutamate, silicon dioxide, titanium oxide, Enzyme-treated stevia, xylitol, sodium chloride, ascorbic acid,
Peppermint oil, l-menthol, spearmint oil, purified water

SALTRAIN Toothbrush

Soft Fine-Hair Brush | 2CM Toothbrush Head

Apply an appropriate amount of Saltrain Fluoride Toothpaste to your Saltrain Red-White and White-Red toothbrush and start brushing! Red Gift Package is great for gifting to friends and family.





Because of its potent mineral content, grey salt has anti-inflammatory
properties that are beneficial for skin health.


Prevents tooth decay and removes bad breath
Prevention of periodontitis
Hazardous ingredient free
Prevention of gingivitis
Plaque removal (anti-plaque)
Clean taste without odor

Usage Tips

Other Information

-Store Flouride Toothpaste in an airtight container at room temperature

-Date of use: 36 months from the date of manufacture

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