by Alexandra Nicole

Stephanie Arant’s Morning Skincare Routine

In this edition of BEAUBIT ROUTINES, fashion blogger and content creator Stephanie Arant shares her morning skincare routine.

In this series, BEAUBIT ROUTINES explore the rituals of bath, beauty and beyond.

Stephanie Arant (@shhtephs) has a style that is the perfect balance between relaxed and feminine, with great skin to match. The California-based content creator of German, Swedish, Hawaiian and Chinese descent is the creative brains behind fashion blog Unconscious Style. Here, we get Stephanie to share her morning skincare routine. Scroll ahead for more.

Stephanie’s Morning Skincare Routine

Step 1. Start off with a gel-based, jelly cleanser to cleanse the face in the morning (Stephanie suggests an exfoliating cleanser at night).

Step 2. It’s time for eye cream or serum. Lately, Stephanie’s been into dabbing on eye cream first; her current fave is the Tata Harper Restorative Eye Creme (SGD142). Use your ring fingers to gently tap on the product onto your under-eyes.

Step 3. Then, move on to serum. Stephanie’s pick from Cyan Skincare helps to rebalance the skin while keeping it hydrated and smooth.

Step 4. Finish off with your favourite moisturizer. For this step, Stephanie has two: one that calms the skin and protects from environmental stressors, the other an SPF. Always put on sunscreen!

Step 5. You’re free to move on to makeup!

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